Teddy Bear

brody toys

Is that a toy stuffed animal or is that a real puppy?!

Haha, hope I didn’t fool you, but it for sure is a real live puppy (MY puppy)! Oh, how much joy this little bundle brings me is incredible and indescribable. The story behind him, Brody, is a tale I shall never forget.

My friends and I decided to throw a little Christmas party for the holidays. Although I am Jewish, and do not celebrate Christmas, it was more or less a holiday gathering. We all get together at my best friend’s house, Rachel. A group of 5 and including me, 6 gather around the dining room table and are enjoying treats brought from each of us. I made these delicious cheese biscuits (received the recipe from a Costco food vendor). Coco, a puppy of my friend Stef, was jumping around as I was playing with her (or so I thought). Out of nowhere, my friend asks me, “Oh, you like Coco right?” I respond excitedly, “Ofcourse, she is too adorable!”. Next thing I knew, my friend grabs the pup holds it up and says, “Oh, well it’s yours! Look, it’s a boy!”. Confused, baffled, and in awe – I start crying with tears of joy. Angry at my friends for spending so much money on me, but so overwhelmed with joy of this cute precious pup I couldn’t help but cry and thank them for a lifetime.

This is him that first unforgettable night,

brody, christmas 08

Look at Coco and Brody- don’t you think they are mistakable for one another??

brody nd coco, christmas 08

My crazy friends not only made me the happiest person alive, but they made things easy and simple as they gave me presents for all my puppy needs- bed, leash, collar, food, treats, and cutest clothes! I could never thank them enough for bringing this joy into my life and my family’s life as well.

I was terrified to bring him home because I begged for a puppy so long, and my parents consistently told me “When you get your own apartment”. Wrapped up in his blue blanket and underneath my jacket, I creeped up into my house. My parents were confused and wondering what was moving around in my jacket. And revealed was this baby boy. They couldn’t be happier since. Sometimes, I even get the feeling my father loves Brody more than me!

Puppies keep you alive and energetic with their constant need for attention, but I don’t mind at all. Brody cuddles with me, licks my face, and is the first one excited and wagging his tail to greet me when I come home. The love he gives me and the love I have for him is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Any pets of yours that give you the best moments in life?


2 thoughts on “Teddy Bear

  1. Aww Ree I’m tearing right now! I love this story..you made it sounds like a fairy tale 🙂 Love you best friend<3

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