Over it !

Source: http://blog.itechtalk.com/2009/make-a-sore-throat-tea/

Last week, I felt it coming on. The headache, the sniffles, the itchy throat, the chills over my body. All I could think was “Oh, no! NOT NOW!”, figures I would get sick before a fun-filled Halloween weekend! That’s just my luck.

I quickly ran to CVS and stocked up on my Echinacea, Vitamin C, Wellness Formula, Traditional Medicinal Teas, and some throat drops- a nature addict (if you can’t tell already). Doing my best to get better before the weekend creeped up because I didn’t want to miss a fun night of being a Secret Service Agent! Girls love to dress up, especially on Halloween- it is one night you can be whatever and whoever and no one can say a word about it.

What I found to be the best soother of my ailments was the Traditional Medicinal Tea made specially for sore throats (lemon flavored) added with a slice of lemon and honey- hot, refreshing, and soothing. And before I knew it, I was getting better right as Saturday night approached!

Gear on, puckered up, and body all better, it was finally time to enjoy the weekend!

What are some natural ways you fight off a cold?


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