Bye Bye Hyundai … Hello Toyota!

toyota 2010_frontMy heart was beating so fast I could have sworn it was going to come out of my chest. Nerves racing, palms sweaty, and a panic running throughout my body, I felt hopeless and scared. Cars were honking behind me, but I could not move – my legs were numb and my body was still; i just sat there, motionless . My car had altogether stopped and just wouldn’t budge. My first experience, second, third, fourth …

The problems I suffered with my ’07 Hyundai were no joke. My parents had bought me this brand new car in November 2006, a new black sleek and shiny Hyundai. I loved it in the beginning, but then as the problems I arose, I was afraid each and every day to drive it, or more or less brake.

The first day it happened I was on my way back to my sorority house from a long day of classes at the State University of Buffalo. I came to a stop sign and braked, but for longer than normal. As I braked, I felt my car shake and turn off. I freaked, not knowing what my next steps were. Calling my mother in a panic, she comforted me and directed me to call AAA. They came to my rescue, but the best part was that when they came my car was working fine. Just my luck! This unfortunately happened to me way too many times. After a number of instances it became common to me and I knew the tricks around it. I learned to just shut off my car, leave it off for a couple minutes, then turn it back on and keep going. The car was brought to the Hyundai dealership about 5 times and they found nothing wrong with it, but there was evidently something VERY wrong. As I was just about to claim it a lemon, the 6th time I brought it in they found the problem- my transmission! New transmission and I thought I was good.

Two years later, 2009, I again feel something fishy going on with my car. This time driving home to SI from Philadelphia, I felt my car jerking. Again, my heart was racing and hands shaking. I pulled over, turned off my car, and tried to cool myself down as well as my car. I arrived home safely, but my nerves were shot; I was so sick and tired of this feeling. Bringing my car into the dealership, they found it to be my transmission- AGAIN.

Toyota is running some great deals right now with 2.9% financing. My parents’ lease was up so they exchanged their leased car with a newer 2010 Toyota Rav4. Wanting to keep me safe and out of danger’s way, they considered a trade-in with Toyota. The salesman offered a pretty good deal for my Hyundai as a trade-in offer, so my parents and I jumped for this deal.

2010 Toyota Corolla and I love it; the drive is smooth, car sleek and shiny. It all happened so fast and so suddenly, I still can’t belive it’s true!

Hopefully my car horror story can now go down the drain and be a memory of the past.  It’s time for a pleasant change with no panic, no worries, and only smooth sailing from now on in my Toyota! 🙂


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