Fitness Class Challenge



Always intrigued by the fitness class exercises, I never pushed myself to attend a class. Okay, once I went to a kickboxing class and could not walk up and down the stairs without this burning feeling in my legs for a couple days. Boy, was that fun! Besides this class, I have never taken part of the group routine since I tend to be a solo gym go-er with my pre-set cardio and weight-lifting routines. Well, I decided to take a different route for the next couple of months.


This is my challenge I am putting forth: The Fitness Class Challenge.

I challenge myself and others to attend as many fitness classes as possible throughout the coming months. Looking through some that are offered I am quite excited to get started! There are dance classes, such as Zumba and Hip-Hop, aerobics, Pilates, yoga, spinning, body works, boot camp, and the list goes on and on. My goal is to attend at least 1 class each week and report back to how it went. Starting with my own gym, LA Fitness, and then moving forward to other gyms and fitness centers (and hopefully not running up my credit limit).

Hopefully some friends will join me for this challenge, but either way- stay tuned for the exciting and adventurous reports I will have in store for you. My crazy self can get caught up in some wild situations!

Have you ever set a fitness challenge for yourself? If so, what was it and did you accomplish your goal successfully?


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