Kickboxing w/ John Magz : Class 1

To kick off my fitness class challenge, I attended a Kickboxing class at the Equal Balance Gym in Staten Island, NY. I arrived to the class a little bit late due to the rainy weather last Wednesday night. Plus, my bad eyesight didn’t help much.  Although five minutes late, I jumped right into it (but unfortunately missed the stretching).

The instructor, John Magz, did a great job of keeping his students on their toes and moving at all times. The class was exhilarating and fun, and definitely a great workout! The sweat dripping down my face felt so good (and nasty), but I knew I was burning calories and building my muscles. I think I might have gained muscles in places I never knew possible!

A mixture of punch, jab, hook, and kicks kept me moving and letting off steam. The best part for me were the punches and the ab workout at the end. When I was punching the punching bag I felt my anger and stress transcend from my body to my arms to the bag. Whatever I was feeling inside, I released it by concentrating on the exercises and motivating myself every step of the way to keep going. I felt myself getting tired after the first half hour because I exerted a lot of my energy in the beginning. To gain back my strength and endurance, I took a deep breathe, a big gulp of water, and hung back for a minute or two. Giving myself that two minute break helped me regain my stamina and determination to complete the class to my best potential.

I enjoyed this class so much that I may make it a regular class each week! Besides kickboxing, I think my next experience lies with the Zumba class. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Kickboxing w/ John Magz : Class 1

  1. Kickboxing is a great way to tone the body and build stamina. I have been attending a kickboxing class religiously for the past couple months now and am in the best shape I have ever been!

    Keep going- this sounds fascinating!

  2. this class sounds so exciting. i’ve been wanting to take a class, especially kickboxing but i’ve always been afraid i might not be able to keep up. and to let off some steam and get a workout? what a combo!! is it all girls? or are there guys? that might be the dealbreaker?

  3. Leahr92,

    Don’t let your fear discourage you from the unknown. You can pace yourself and take your time. It is the effort and drive that matters.

    It depends on the gym and the classes, but the one I attend is mostly girls with a guy instructor- and he definitely keeps you motivated!

    Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose but some sweat and calories! 🙂


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