2010: FCC Full Force

Source: http://shahtraining.com/2010-fitness-predictions/

I promised last time that I would begin my Fitness Class Challenge (going to refer to it as FCC for short). Unfortunately, the December break caused a halt in my endeavors. The time off from work and school, plus the freezing weather and snow, got me into a lazy mood.

Now as the new year begins, I’m done with lazy and ready for action. With a positive mind ahead in this new year, an end to a decade, and a beginning of a new era I now PROMISE to take on this challenge full force. I promise myself to take this on with much motivation and determination, and hope to relay some videos throughout my journey (as i learn the video-making technology, hopefully with success).

Although I began the challenge with the kickboxing class last year, which was really only a month ago, I went again today for a fresh start keeping kickboxing as my first class in the FCC. The best part of the class is the force and strength I use to punch that bag. The assistant had to come over a couple times throughout the hour to adjust my bag to the correct spot. The pain felt through some of the moves was incredible, but loved it so much because I know this will make me stronger, leaner, and gives me a push to keep going. As I listen and watch the instructor, I begin to memorize the moves and am able to adapt quickly into the fast-paced environment. My legs were hurting me as I tried climbing my stairs coming home, but that just gives me more satisfaction that I truly put in my all in the workout and the soreness to come is only going to make me stronger and more motivated.

Pain = A job well done! Don’t you agree??

Next class to come: Zumba!


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