Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm7DyRjtWRc&feature=relate

This clip is from a zumba class. Not exactly the one I attended, but the moves are pretty much the same.

Ass shakin’, hip movin’, and lots of funky moves that keep you groovn’. Zumba is a fun class and definitely quite a workout! I attended class last week with an instructor who kept me laughing, moving, and sweating my ass off. He did a great job leading the class with his humorous faces and interpretive moves to the music.

As it was my first time at a Zumba class, he told me to just try to keep up and that I would get the hang of it. Of course being a newcomer, I stayed in the back row so that I wouldn’t make a fool of myself. Well, that still managed to happen! Since I was “that” girl in the back, there were some ladies who were blocking my view of the instructor. This led to much confused and messed up footwork. At some points I just started making stuff up or pretended to go along. After a little while, I began get the hang of it (and had to keep moving from side to side to see the moves).

The music was so entertaining and fun, it really got me in the mode. We “zumba”-ed to salsa, “Rollin’ down the river”, “The roof is on fire”, and some other zumba tunes I didn’t know. All the music played during the session was vibrant and exciting that it just kept me groovin’. I was really getting into the music and putting my own spin on the moves. Several of the moves were too funny that I laughed the whole time performing them, especially the Carlton fresh prince of bel-air move.

The vibe was energetic and made me yearn to go to a salsa club. Never been to one, and I may look like a fool, but hey- only live once, must make it worth it!

What’s my next fitness adventure? Hmm .. how about some dirty30 ?!


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