About ME

Hi! I’m Rina Nisman and currently a senior undergrad at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Majoring in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management, with a minor in Professional Writing, I hope to land a job within the healthcare industry- either within advertising, marketing, sales or PR. Pretty broad categories, I know, but right now I am still unsure of how the job market will be and which career path will be in my favor and interest. Much to anticipate in this coming year!

Dancing is my ultimate favorite pastime. Being an active dancer throughout my teenage years, I really miss it and wish I had never stopped. I love watching dance shows and groove all the time to the TV! Unfortunately, nowadays the only time I am dancing is either when out with friends or doing my happy dance when something exciting happens (like my puppy listening and being a cute little boy!) Craving to get my groove back on in the studio, I love to work out and attend the gym on frequent occasions. I’m trying to get myself to a dance class, but my crazy schedule leaves me no time. I know this isn’t a very good excuse but I convinced myself once this school crazyness is over, I will be an avid gym and dance go-er with a set schedule and rigorous routines.

For now, my schedule encompasses school, work, and downtime (which most of the time is just doing my schoolwork or workwork). I am currently an intern at Ardis Health, an e-commerce marketing company specializing within skincare products. It is exciting and am constantly involved in different projects and research. I have coordinated and conducted a product trial, assist in managing social media campaigns, and conduct market research for new products in development amongst the competitors out there.

In my down-time, when it really is my down-time, I relax with at home with my puppy and parents. My brother has ventured into the married life and moved out. Lucky me convinced my parents to turn his room into my second closet (the best thing EVER, although why my room still remains a mess is a wonder to both my parents and I).

Thank you for getting to know me and I would love to know some more about you! Let’s connect via Facebook or Twitter – @RNisman. Also, please check out my professional site at http://www.fitfabndelicious.com.

Hope you enjoy my blog! Please don’t hesitate to send comments and feedback, and for those who blog as well, let’s connect and join blogroll! I’d love to follow each and everyone of you!


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